UV AIR 2 in 1 –
luminaire and 3-way nano air cleaning

Looking like a basic lighting panel, the UV AIR is cleaning your air and surfaces from viruses and pathogens with its unique 3-way air cleaning technology, featuring UV-C light, nano filter, and silver-nano-coating.



With the UV AIR you can now sanitize your environment sustainably from viruses, bacteria, pathogens, and chemicals, such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylol, and ammonia while reducing your concentration of TVOCs.

The surface of the UV AIR luminaire is silver-nano-coated for additional 24-hour protection, even when the panel is switched off. And last but not least the system comes with cost-effective and easily replaceable filters. Ideal for entrance areas, production, and storage space.




All Surya LED lights that have been purchased at authorized dealerscome with a 3-year warranty and a minimum lifetime of 50.000 operating hours.

3-way air cleaning technology

Our 3-way technology, with UV-C light, silver-nano- coating, and air filtering, creates silver ions, which react with the sulfur-hydrogen-ions present inside of bacteria and block their reproductive mechanisms after an electric charge has destroyed their cell membrane. Free superoxide radicals then attack bacteria and viruses, drastically reducing their load.  The unique silver-nano-coating on the surface of the luminaire offers additional 24-hour protection at a 30% efficiency rate – even when the panel is switched off.

Certified &


FDA certified
EMV-, LVD-, SGS-certificates
CE EN60598 LVD certificate
CE EN60598 test report
CE EN61547 certificate
CE EN61547 test report
CE EN 62493 certificate EMC VoC+DoC
CE EN 62493 test report
FDA MicroBAC EV test
FDA MicroBAC H1N1 test
FDA certificate
Hospital TB test
SGS E.Coli test
SGS Formaldehyde test
SGS Fungus test
SGS Pseudomonas aeruginosa test
SGS RoHs test
SGS Staphylococcus aureus test

Recommended area of application

Our energy and cost-efficient UV AIR air cleaning light panels are an ideal solution for sanitizing frequented areas as entrance portals, sanitary areas, operating rooms, and production areas or as an effective additional barrier against pathogens in cleanroom environments.

They are designed to impact positively in hospital environments, doctor’s offices, surgeries, schools, kindergartens, offices, and living spaces.

Available models

The UV AIR air cleaning light panels are available in 2 sizes, and color temperatures from 3000k to 6000k, CRI 80 or 90 and 100lm/W or 120lm/W LED efficiency. Perfect for your individual architectural lighting setup.  See chart below.

UV AIR Small

Dimensions: 598 x 598 x 120 mm

UV AIR Large

Dimensions: 625 x 625 x 120 mm

Technical data

Surya UV AIR air cleaning light panels have to pass strict quality criteria so we can ensure you with continuously high reliability, life span, and efficiency.

UV AIR models

Type UV AIR Small UV AIR Large
Total power 64W 64W
36W LED / 28W AIR 36W LED / 28W AIR
Input voltage 200-240V/AC – 50-60Hz 200-240V/AC – 50-60Hz
Dimensions 598 x 598 x 120mm 625 x 625 x 120mm
Efficiency 100lm/W | 120lm/W 100lm/W | 120lm/W
CRI 80 | 90 80 | 90
CCT 3000k, 4000k, 5000k, 6000k 3000k, 4000k, 5000k, 6000k
Spectrum UVX Nano (270-290nm) UVX Nano (270-290nm)
Life span > 50,000 hours > 50,000 hours
Ventilator life span 3 years 3 years
Housing ABS / PC / Nano-coating ABS / PC / Nano-coating
Mounting type Frame installation
Surface mounted installation (optional)
Boom installation (optional)
Hanging installation (optional)
Frame installation
Surface mounted installation (optional)
Boom installation (optional)
Hanging installation (optional)
Power supply
Built-in power supply cable
Built-in power supply cable


More information about our UV AIR, the 3-way air cleaning technology and the various models can be found in our data sheets.

SURYA quality promise

SURYA  stands for quality, longevity, reliability and
high quality components on the pulse of the time.



Surya LED Lights are regularly subjected to strict quality controls to ensure maximum reliability and efficiency.



All Surya LED Lights purchased through authorized dealers come with a 3-year limited warranty. See www.surya-leds.com/en/guarantee



For up to 50,000 operating hours, at least 90% luminosity is retained. From 50.000h  a max color shift of 20% can occur.